DigiCon Ergebnisse2


The project partners of DigiCon are jointly developing a model for the teaching of digital building skills, which are fully tailored to the requirements of the construction site 4.0. The model comprises a set of action scenarios, related learning scenarios as well as digital applications (such as Augmented Reality) and tools (such as the digital construction file).

The DigiCon results address different levels such as learning components and formats, quality of the tuition material and tools, teaching competences and didactics, school development strategies etc.

Details on the Intellectual Outputs (IOs) of DigiCon will be added.

IO1 Action scenarios on the construction site 4.0 for the use in vocational training

IO3 Digital construction applications and tools for use in vocational training

IO4 Solution approaches and a manual for handling the learning materials and designing e-learning systems