DigiCon Aktivitäten2


DigiCon develops innovative, transferable action plans and digital tools for the successful and practical integration of digitization in vocational training.

The scope of the partnership is

To develop action scenarios for the construction site 4.0

The scenarios show how construction activities are carried out, how they build upon and depend on each other as well as how digital applications are already being deployed in the real construction process.

To create learning scenarios for building processes and tools for digital building

Along the action scenarios, 6-8 learning scenarios on digital processes in construction will be developed. They will be aligned with typical work processes and enable handling digital applications and devices.

To design models for working with e-learning systems and develop a collection of digital learning materials and tools

Numerous applications will be adapted and newly developed (e.g. Android-based workflow apps for digital data acquisition, logging, real-time recording and access). They’ll also be illustrated in a manual.

To develop a digitization strategy and capacity building guidelines

The partners will show concrete implementation steps on how a sensible, feasible and sustainable application of digitization can be implemented in different educational systems.

Project-flanking measures

Networking and Transfer

The regular exchange with decision-makers will ensure the quality of the project results and the necessary support from politics and business for the EU-wide sustainable transfer.


Information about DigiCon will be systematically disseminated via different media and on the project’s website. The most important dissemination activities are the multiplier events, which will take place in each partner country. They are targeted towards teachers at vocational schools, representatives of universities and companies as well as education policy makers, chambers and industrial associations.

DigiCon featured in the press

Article in "Handwerk in Berlin 2020 - 3"
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