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DigiCon –
Digital Construction for Europe: Technologies on the construction site of tomorrow in the vocational training of today

What impact do digitization and new technologies have on industrial work processes and the requirements for related professional skills? And how can vocational education and training be realigned to keep pace with technological and social developments in the future?

Our project DigiCon will explore these questions and provide impulses for the design of digitization in vocational education and training – with the construction sector as study case.

Implementation in: Germany, Belgium, Poland
Duration: 2020-2022
Partners in Berlin/Brandenburg:
BFW der Bauindustrie Berlin-Brandenburg e. V.,
HTW Berlin
Transnational Partners:
in BE: ZAWM St. Vith
in PL: PUT TU Poznán, ZSB1 VET Centre Poznán

“DigiCon shows the impact digitisation has on planning and building. Digital learning modules and innovative educational concepts enable building professionals to face the challenges of digital and sustainable construction, which consequently will promote and strengthen the competitiveness and innovation competences of companies.”

DigiCon Zitat BildDr. Robert Momberg, CEO Association of Construction Industry East